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REDISCOVER YOUR ROOTS… with the magic of Murals
  We give you an opportunity to relive Indian traditions. Most of the art forms can be flawlessly executed on walls, pillars, columns, borders, beams etc. We also have specialists who work with terra cotta murals. Recreate the splendour of the past and feel the magic of the murals right here in your homes, recreation or work places. » more
  2D Murals
Chittara Mural Karnataka
  Nestled deep in the forests of the Western Ghats are the villages of Hasuvanthe and Manjina Kaanu in Shimoga District. These villages are cradles of the exquisite mural art "Chittara", practised by members of the Deewaru community. Their pictures reflect important aspects of life such as agriculture, marriage and festivals. » more
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Gond Mural Madhya Pradesh
  The Gond painting transports you to the seamless world of the imaginative and the surprising. Like most other tribal communities, the Gonds (hill people) are artistically gifted and possess astounding creative vision. Traditionally, their paintings on mud wall houses relied on shared symbols within a local community context. More recently they have taken to painting on canvas or paper using new colours and new themes. » more
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Kalighat Mural Calcutta, West Bengal
  With no definite account of its origins, it can be surmised that the expressive Kalighat paintings were “born in the bazaars” of nineteenth century Calcutta. They served as sacred keepsakes for pilgrims who flocked to pay their tributes to the goddess Kali at the famous Kalighat temple. Hindu gods and goddesses were the early themes of these paintings. » more
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Kerala Mural PaintingKerala
  It is only natural that this art form, deeply inspired by the Hindu scriptures should belong to Kerala, a land whose very geographic formation has its roots in mythology. Evidence indicates that this art form flourished between the 17th and 19th century and adorned the temple walls, including, the famous Guruvayur Temple in Trichur. » more
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Madhubani or Mithila Mural & Tattoo or Godhana Mural Bihar
  Each painting is a prayer when the Madhubani artist takes out her palette of home made dyes. Created from the depths of their devotion to God, their paintings were confined to the inner walls of houses. This art form first gained public recognition in the thirties when a British official stumbled on these paintings. » more
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Par/Phad Mural Rajasthan
  Even at a distance, the Par (also Phad) is unmistakable. Its immodest hues of yellow, red, orange, grey and green – harmoniously blend to create a regal masterpiece. The Pars are often dedicated to the valiant exploits of folk hero-gods - Pabuji or Devnarayan. Mythological deities and riders on caparisoned horses and elephants share the space with birds, animals, trees and flowers; articulating the splendour of the times their stories were set in. » more
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Pata Mural Midnapur, West Bengal
  Its bold images and colours, makes the Pata sparkle with distinctive energy. Pata (or Pot) means "cloth" and the painters, commonly called "Patuas". This art form native to West Bengal consists of a sequence of paintings, like a storyboard or comic strip with no text. » more
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Pattachitra Mural Orissa
  The Pattachitra, a popular folk art of Orissa breathes a sensual artistry with close attention to definition and detail. Dating as far back as the 8th century, “Patta” in Sanskrit means “cloth” and “Chitra” is “picture”. » more
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Pithora Mural Gujarat
  Pithora art is highly ritualistic, painted on the walls of tribes like Rathwas and Bhils from Gujarat. Offered in gratitude or to bring peace, prosperity and happiness, the paintings hold great significance. The presence of their god – Pithora baba is extremely important and the Rathwa’s spend generously on paintings portraying him. » more
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Saora Mural Orissa
  The Saora people are one of the oldest known tribal community’s in India, living mainly in the hills of Rayagada district of Orissa.
  The Saora are famous for a rich variety of paintings made on the inner walls of their houses. The paintings were created for religious and superstitious reasons such as to enable an easy delivery, preserve a good harvest, find a good bride etc. » more
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Warli Mural Maharashtra
  It is hard to believe that only 150 km north of the pulsating metro of Mumbai, in Thane district, reside nearly 300,000 Warli tribals. ‘Warli’ comes from ‘warla’, which means ‘a piece of land or a field’. » more
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  3D Murals
Dhokra and Terra cotta
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Bastar Iron Craft
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